Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll be back Soon!

hey guys!!!
I miss yall! I have been gone way too long!!! I have been super busy and just haven't had the time to do a post! How is everyone doing? I am doing great and my photography has really taken off! Yall should go check out my photography blog. CourtneyR Photography.

So who is excited about the Fall??? I know I am.. This weekend it so feels like fall time. It was 60 degrees today.. very chilly compared to 90 degree weather it is very chilly..

Well a lot has happened since I posted last. For one I am a Red HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I will post a picture at the end!!!! Also coming Oct. 17th I wil be Vending with  Miss Trashy Betty at the Hard Knox Chopper Ball, so I have been getting ready for that, I have so much I gotta get done. We are very excited about that.

Also on September 6th Curtis and I had our 2nd year anni! Yes it has been 2 years and counting.Hmmm
On a sadder note.... Miss Chelsea passed away this past month. She was my Aussie Shepherd and collie mixed... If you have read my older blog would have known her.... If you are just now following and reading. She was my baby, she was very dear to me! And she just went the wrong way out of this world. Someone was mean and killed her. ): Chelsea will never be forgotten.

Enough of the sadness.. I should start back posting real soon! Fall is just around the corner and I will be posting all sorts of things!!!!! ps don't forget to check out my photography blog!!!

peace and love!

my red hair!

Melissa aka Trashy Betty and me at Ground Zero

Curtis' 32nd Birthday Cake (: 

This was Wednesday.... (: 

Miss Chelsea Summer 2010