Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looks & Taste a lot like Christmas

Only You by Ellie Goulding - on Grooveshark
Hey yall!
Courtney here, my Mum has gotten a new house in Caribou, so I am now staying next door to the studio. Which is rather cool, now I can walk around town and to the studio. So I am determent to walk around and get some good pictures of the town. It so cute! I walked to the library today, it is very lovely. Wish I took a photo of it. I will put it on my to do list! :P

So since we are in the new house we are trying to get everything unpacked and ready for Christmas. We are having a Christmas & Cookie Swap party Saturday and then James is coming up on Christmas Eve and then Christmas! Lots to get done! Hoping we get a tree tomorrow and all pretty for Saturday and I gotta get food and party items for Saturday. We have tons of stuff to do! So I have putting up a little Christmas cheer around the house! Check it out below

Just wishing my love was going to be here for Christmas. I miss him so much and I am going crazy with out him here. I just hope he has a great Christmas, though he said he is not all that excited. Which I totally understand why. Also Yule is this weekend. So I am thinking of doing a mini Yule dinner on Sunday though it is Friday/Saturday. It is the Pagan Christmas I guess you could say.  They pretty much have the same traditions. Anywho. I have some photos too share.

Christmas Whoopie Pies!

Added Christmas lights under the cabinets. Looks so pretty in person

So we are slowly adding some Christmas Cheer around the house... Hopefully it all be ready by Saturday. What are some ways you spread Christmas Cheer or how you decorate for the holidays? Post links I like to see :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodies for Christmas & Cookie Swap Party

So this 1st cookie I am posting is Vegan, The Little Owl Shop Posted a link to this recipe so I had to re post it. Since my mom is Vegan and so are some other friends I know. SO it be great for the Party

Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

This next one might not look Christmasy but looks super yummy if you like soft Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies

Now this next one, might not be a cookie but it sure taste like one...

Sugar Cookie Martini
Now I have always wanted to make these. Ever since they were on Ace of Cakes I have looking for a recipe to make Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. And well I think I found the recipe, and the blogger has actually made them. :D So the cookies turned out good!

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
So going to make these for the party, in stand of using straws I am thinking candy canes! So Cute!
Make them Melt. Hot Coco Marshmallows
Oh how yummy do these look? They look like the Sausage Balls my mom used to make before she turned vegan, she used bustwick. (however you spell it)  may have to try theses, maybe make them vegan version?
Sausage & Pepperoni Puffs

My Last Cookie I am Posting... Ginger Bread Cookie, can't have a party without this cookie! Great with a big glass of Egg Nog!
Ginger Bread Cookies
So there you have it. So of my ideas for a Christmas and Cookie Swap Party on food. Which I am having one this weekend with just a few friends. I am thinking of just doing 2 cookies vegan and non and some other non sweet things... Have you ever had a Cookie Swap party or are you going to any this year?

Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday - Christmas Blanks & Pictures

 Linking up with The Little Things We Do
1) When it comes to holiday shopping: I normally do it all on Black Friday but this year I did no shopping. lol I have a feeling its going to all last mintue this year! I have a few things I got to ship to SC this year and the rest I just have Mom and my little brother, Adrian.

2) A few things that are my Christmas wish list: some new jeans... not exciting I know. I love to have a new lens for my camera and a few little girly things I have found on the web. But nothing exciting maybe just to me :P Oh an a MAC computer :D
3) An intangible gift I would like to receive:  Does seeing Curtis Count?
4) A gift I like to give this year is:  Mama dream Coffee Pot (tim hortons)
5)My Christmas will be spent: In Maine with my Mom and Brother in their new house. Which my mom is rather excited about. I am very happy for her. Also hopfully spent making tons of bake goods and with some new friends. Christmas party on the 22.... keeping fingers cross...
6) My most favorite Christmas gift of all time: This is rather hard... As a child would have to be my doll house, I remember waking up and it was sitting under the Christmas tree it was so exciting! 
Yep that's me and that doll house!!! :D

7) The Best thing about the holidays is cozying up around the tree and tv watching A Christmas Story and drink hot coco on Christmas Eve!

Curtis sent me some pictures today! I miss the him and the pups so bad! Its going to be a hard Christmas without him this year. I just don't know what I am going to do. Has anyone spent a Christmas without your other half? If so How did you deal with it? I think I will be ok I just know it is going to be hard, Thanksgiving was awful without him and I just want Christmas to be happy for the both of us.

They are not the best of pictures. Carter at the top the Boxer, then Wookie sleeping and Curtis showing off his new hair cut he got today.... He looking good from the side! hahaha

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maine Pictures-DEC :P

Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Today I thought to post pictures..... Here are some  from DEC month. Not feeling on writing a whole lot today.

Best Turkey sandwich ever!

I was so cold! I was so excited when it started to snow! It was so fluffy! Now it is all hard and frozen.

One of my favorite baby pictures I have taken so far this Christmas.

Studio Christmas Tree
I know I posted these all on facebook but I thought to post them on my blog.... :P Ps Pink hair is coming very soon! Color should be here this weekend!! Yay!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hey Y'all Today I thought to do a Christmas Post about my favorite Christmas movies to try to get into the Christmas spirit.

My all time favorite Christmas movies: Most Favorite starting from the top!!
  • A Christmas Story- It is a tradition of mine to watch it every Christmas Eve and I mean every Christmas Eve and now its Curtis and mine.  I suckered him into it. haha :D 
  • White Christmas- This is my favorite of Grandmothers; I know when I was a kid we would watch it together. 
  • Elf- Santa! 
  • The Santa Claus- You gotta love Tim Allen, I only like the 1st one.  (? on THE) lol 
  • All the Classic Christmas clay cartoons. Santa Claus  Coming to Town is one of my faves  and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  • The Grinch- With Jim Carry - I love the whole look to this movie, and the glitter!! 
  • Christmas Vacation- Might need to move above The Santa Claus
  • Home Alone- 1st is still my favorite Home alone
  • Christmas Carol
  • Little Women- not really Christmas but its one I like to watch at Christmas time. 
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Prancer
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • It's a Wonderful Life- Its at the bottom because I have never seen it :/ 
So there you have it. My must have watch Christmas movies I try to watch every Christmas season. What your favorites?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Christmas Bucket List

I saw someone else do a Christmas Bucket List, and I thought to do the same. Christmas is one of the busiest holidays for my family and there are always things I am wanting to do but always seem to forget about them or run out of time. So this year I make a list. Maybe it will help me to remember! Also what better way to start December off!  Only 25 more days till Christmas! :D

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday and What I am reading!

This weeks Fill in the Blank is Christmas theme! How exciting, sorry that I did not do last weeks, I just got busy! Linking up with The little things we do!

1) "The best way to Spread Christmas Cheer"... Would be have to be Christmas carols! We have a Christmas playlist for the studio! Also Baking holiday cookies and cupcake to share. 
2) The Holiday Season is... so stressful! and trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas. But it is also very jolly and it smells wonderful too!
3)When it comes to holiday decorating.. I have a new theme each year! But this year since I am in Maine, my mom is the one decorating the house for the holidays, but I love bright colors! And I love Red and Gold together! And I love the old fashion wreaths.
4) The thing I look forward to the most about the holidays... Is all the wonderful goodies! And this year the snow!
5) My Favorite holiday tradition... Baking sugar cookies for Santa, and making Peanut Butter Balls. yummmmmmmm.
6)This year my Christmas plans include... Well Hopfully Curtis will be in town and I get to spend Christmas with my Mom and little Brother.  And there be lots of snow on the ground and we have lots of yummy Christmas goodies.
7) My Favorite holiday food... Homemade Pumpkin pie, and my Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes.

Now for what I am reading- The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets: Eva Rice

I normally don't post what I am currently reading but the book is just wonderful and I had to share it! And it based in Nov/Dec and talks about holiday parties and such. I love it so, I am just on Chapter 9, the chapters are somewhat long. Its an easy read and its rather funny it quirky way. I am just in love with Charlotte so far, she so free spirited in a high fashion kinda way. And her cousin Harry well he odd that it makes he so handsome.  I suggest it for what I read so far. You buy it from amazon if you like. I got my mind at Books a Million for $3, that is the reason why I bought it. Thinking it might be good, and I was right :P
 ( from Amazon)
 Set in 1950s London, The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets centers around Penelope, the wide- eyed daughter of a legendary beauty, Talitha, who lost her husband to the war. Penelope, with her mother and brother, struggles to maintain their vast and crumbling ancestral home—while postwar London spins toward the next decade’s cultural revolution.
Penelope wants nothing more than to fall in love, and when her new best friend, Charlotte, a free spirit in the young society set, drags Penelope into London with all of its grand parties, she sets in motion great change for them all. Charlotte’s mysterious and attractive brother Harry uses Penelope to make his American ex-girlfriend jealous, with unforeseen consequences, and a dashing, wealthy American movie producer arrives with what might be the key to Penelope’s— and her family’s—future happiness.
Vibrant, witty, and filled with vivid historical detail, The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets is an utterly unique debut novel about a time and place just slipping into history.

so there you have it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hair going PINK!?

Hey y'all,
yes the title says it all! I am wanting to dye my hair pink! Crazy I know, I am wanting it to be pastel pink. So I have been YouTube, google searching, and just searching on how to do this the right and long lasting way. I know the basics on how to this before I even started my searching. You bleach it, tone it and then add pink color. But the more I research the more tricks, tips, and info I found. Lots of helpful things. I even been doing research on products.

I was at one point this Summer I had pink highlights in my blonde hair, but they were a little bright. Which I found out how you can lighten the bright colors! You just use conditioner, how cool is that? If I would have known that back when I was already blonde I would have went pink then, but now I am some funky red/brown color! It is awful I know!
Here are some pics of when i had blonde and pink hair.

1) This is I say a month after I had the pink added to my hair. I washed it with cold water and just used conditioner. It did faded a bit. If enlarge the image it looks baby pink. 2 &3 ) I have it pinned back so you can see more of the pink.. 4) was taken at Easter and my hair is straighten too. 5) was the day I had the pink added and my roots touched up. Was about 4 days before Easter. I used Raw Hair color that came from hot topic; which was about $12 I am not too sure, a friend bought it for me.
So there you have it with my hair with a little pink. Now this is what I want. :D
looks like cotton candy! I just love it!
So after seen what I had done pink a while back and now seeing what I want, do you think I should go all over pink? Also do you have any tips on funky hair color?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Wedding Pinterest Boards

Hey y'all! I thought to share with you all my wedding Pinterest boards. I know I haven't formally announce mine and Curtis engagement yet but We are engaged! We are planning an engagement Party for February. We set the date for the wedding to be Sept. 6th 2013. We are so excited! So I will be posting all kinds of things wedding related. Though I even thought about starting a wedding blog, but then again I don't think so. Its too much work, I already have 2 photography sites and this blog to run.

Anyways back to pinterest you can follow me if you like on pinterest but here are screen shots of my boards. We are going for a whimsical country theme wedding. Almost like Alice & Wonderland vibe.  We are also thinking of using Pink and Orange for our colors, but then again I like Pink and Gold. So we don't know yet. Or even teal and gold. What do yall think???

This is really my second board, which I created after we picked our date and it ended up being Sept. 6, a Fall month. Which we are not going for a Fall theme. I think it is over done.

 This was my 1st wedding board, thinking we were going to get married in the spring. This board has a mixture of different ideas than my 2nd. Here you see Alice in Wonderland, beach, country, and a little modern. 

I now put all my wedding ideas in my 2nd board.
I love to hear about your wedding ideas or thoughts. If you are married what tips do you have for planning? Also if you are on pinterest, please leave your link!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  My best quality is   that I am dependable. I am also a good listener, If you just need an ear I am here to listen. Also I always smiling and laughing!
2.  One of my less flattering qualities is  that when I am having other help me do a task they have to do it my way. Everything has to be cleaned and put up my way. It Can be rather annoying I am sure    .
3.  I'd rather be    photographing something crazy in the studio  .

4. Something I have been challenged with lately is   trying to get along with my Mom. We have different views on things and having the studio together can be a challenge in itself  .
5. I am looking forward to  Christmas and Curtis being here for Christmas. In Maine!! I never had a true white Christmas and I am so excited to get to spend it with my love .

6. A super random factoid about me is  I smell every thing, which is strange I know .

7.  I want to  dance and sing around a fire under the moon light!

Wow I haven't done one of these in a long time! So I thought to do one this lovely Friday! thank you The little things we do!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am in Maine!

Hey y'all I thought to so a small blog post.
I am in Maine it is nice and cold. I opened up a photography studio which it is really nice, following my dream. Just its 1400 miles away from my soon to be husband.... :(  Which we sit a date for the wedding; Sept. 6th 2013. We are so excited! I am thinking of creating a wedding blog, when Curtis comes into town in Dec for Christmas. I am so excited for Christmas!!!

Christmas in Maine!! So exciting; I so love to have a white Christmas. So I guess it is that time of year again to start Christmas Shopping! I am thinking of doing a Christmas Card swap since I am in Maine; I might do a Maine Christmas Card theme this year :P

So how is everyone doing? It has been awhile since I have wrote anything and I am sorry for being away. I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall season! I am so ready for Winter! I hope everyone has a good night and talk to y'all later.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September in Photos (:


For our anniversy we got matching tattoos... Which was on Sept 6. We have been together for 3 years.  We can't believe how fast time as week these past 3 years!! 

After we got our shallows tattooed. We are so cute :p 

Taken Yesterday... playing with my sisters Iphone

Kayla and I after we got our new tattoos, mine the bows and she got a huge ass dream catcher on her thigh/hip area

Curtis new Nome Tattoo, he loves it! 


My little nephew Start K-5!! His first day of school was when this was taken! I am so proud of him! 

Taken today... My sister's cat Lily. When I am around she become my cat and forget about her mommy. lol 

I thought to post some pictures today, I haven't in awhile. So how is everyone doing? I am good, I have been super busy. Saturday I worked all day had 3 photoshoots that I did. Worked on photos, prints and order my prints for the ArtWalk (oct. 5) I am very excited about to get the prints! No one has seen the ones I have picked nor have anyone see the photos other than Curtis and the Print guy. They are so cool and I can't wait to share them and maybe sell one or two. 

Also bought my plane ticket for my Maine flight for the 25. We also think we have found the perfect building for the studio! Its everything we are looking for and more. Post pictures of it soon! I am going to go look at it when I get into Maine so I will get a few shots to show yall. 

The only thing is that I am going to miss Curtis like crazy, and little Wookie. Yes, Curtis is not coming up yet not in till everything is going to work out and all. Which I hope it does. But he is planning to come up during Christmas and hopes to bring little Wookie. Just so much is going on and its all exciting and a little sad but I hoping for the best and I do believe everything happens for a reason. And with something like is possible you just don't want to pass it up. You know? 

Well I better go.. I just notice that is is 5mins till 3AM!!!!! Crazy.. I just love to read others blogs :) 
Good night, well I mean good morning and hope everyone has a Happy Monday!