Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

Hey My lovely Readers if I still have any! 

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. I am still working out and trying to loose weight. It is much harder to do so  when 25 - that's right I turned 25 on July 16th. But yes I am trying to loose. It's going ok. I am not eating the healthiest though. If I would just eat better I am sure I would loose more. 

Anyways I don't know if I have told y'all but we have changed the wedding date to Sept 6 of next year. All because the wedding venue is booked up that we want to use. (the Berkley inn) But this whole wedding process has been a mess. Mainly when it comes to the dress and that is a whole other post. Lets just say there go that money down the drain. SO I have no wedding dress. Which I guess its a good thing we ain't getting married in till next year. BC If we were getting married next month I would be fucked. Period. 

Sorry for my french; I am just upset by the whole situation. 

ON a more positive note. I am enrolling into Beauty School TOMORROW!!!! How exciting is that?! I am hoping and praying that everything goes well tomorrow so I can start classes on August 19th. The school is Kenneth Shuler. It is suppose to be the IT Cosmetology school in SC. SO I am very Excited about that. But I really believe everything has happened the way it has because God will is for me to go to Beauty School because If I did get married It would mess up all the money part of going to school and such. 

I really believe everything happens for a reason. 

I really miss blogging I wish I could blog everyday but I just don't have the time. My studio is no longer open in Maine. My Mom has moved to FL so she is closer to all the family which is a good thing. I just miss my good friends that I made in Maine very much. i was really hoping that the studio would work out. But there really no market for it up there like we thought. 

So turing 25 is a big milestone. It has made me realize that life is short and I need to do have a career to feel successful and happy. So going back to school is the 1st step to complete that goal. Its going to be hard and and sometimes I might want to give up. BUT I know I CAN do. :))) 

Well this is were I am going to end this post. Hope everyone is having an awesome Weekend!! 

Boo-ya Bitches 

I feel so silly
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I am reading now and Instagram photos

Hey y'all
It has been a while since I have done a post! I miss blogging and being back at home it seems to be a little harder to do because I seem to be busy or I just don't have anything to say. Anyway. How is everyone? How is everyone enjoying all this Spring rain? It is finally pretty and HOT outside! I am excited because I can wear my tanks and shorts now. Not a whole lot has happen since the last time I posted I don't think.

I got my nose pierced and well it hurt so much omg it hurt! I jumped and tears ran. It was worst than a tattoo. And if I bump it or rub it the wrong way it hurts. But it healing pretty fast it still to early to change out the stud. I am wanting to put in a ring. I think it more hippie like with a ring.
Here are some pics of my Nose... Curtis and I before I got it done and the 2nd is after I had it done. Don't mind the eye brows they are a mess in that photo!!

So that's about it that has happened. I hung out with my bridesmaid a few Saturdays back, we went dress shopping which that was stressful! But I have some news. WE are pushing the wedding back a year because the venue is booked and we really like it so we are going to get married next year so that takes some stress away. AND we have more time to plan but my dress will still be here end of June! So I am super excited!

Here some more lovely photos from May!
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Now for what I am reading now...  Let's just say this is amazing book and it is a must read for Christians. :)) 

This month goals: I figure I would share on her. 
Jog and workout 2 to 3 times a week, drink lots of water,  cut back on my sweet intake. I know I am always say I am going to get back to 150 but hey I am DAMN motivated to loose and tone up. I am tired of having flab and a belly! 
My goal is to loose 20 pounds by the end of June. I think thats realistic. And 30 to 50 by the end of July. 
I am not going to post a photo of some celeb because that is not realistic so I am going to post a photo what I used to look like when I started dating Curtis so this photo is 4 years old and I am going to post a now picture. I think I am 180ish now.  

At 150lbs: Even then I could have toned up more but Its realistic bc I once was that size and I am still the same height. I might not have the same metabolism so it will take more work but I am willing to try to get back to this size. SO wish me luck! 

Now for the NOW picture.... :// Be nice!! So you seem my problem areas. I think I can do it, no I KNOW I can do it!! :D

Monday, April 15, 2013

Praying for Boston

Let us all just say a little a prayer for the ones affected by the bombs that happened today in Boston. It is a very scary thing.

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Please be with the ones that were hurt and that was killed by today's bombings. Please be with the families and love ones. Protect us from all this evil and give us peace and restore our faith in you LORD because you have a plan for each and every one of us. In Jesus' name, amen" 

I normally don't post prayers but I thought writing it out would help and maybe someone that was affected would read it and maybe somehow give them some type of comfort.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Spring!

Hey y'all!
It has been awhile since I have posted anything. So I am back in South Carolina and is trying to get back into the swing of things. It is nice to be back in south. It is pretty and warm and I couldn't image living any where else. Don't get me wrong Maine is nice and beautiful in the Fall, but I can't take the 6 month long winters. It is just too crazy cold there. Anyway a lot has happened since I have been back ONE the house was a mess when I got back, oh poor Curtis haha So I have been trying to clean and de clutter the house, it looks like a man cave right now. So it is a good reason to redecorate right? TWO We got a new BIKE yes its awesome and it is a bigger and more comfy bike. It is made for long road trips which I have already planned our 1st big road trip. New Orleans  baby! I have always wanted to go and we have never been. Have any one of y'all been? Last weekend we took the bike on our 1st big ride I guess you could say. We rode up to Chimmy Rock NC. It was a nice ride and we were about 20 miles from Asheville. We are hoping it be sunny again Saturday so we can go some where else. But Curtis is in love with his bike he has been riding it everyday to work. I am just happy for him, he has been looking for a Road Glide for a rather long time. THREE we have a second/new house my father gave  to us and we are rather excited about it. We are going to redo the whole house. Put in a new bathroom, redo the Kitchen, and hopefully find hardwood floors under the carpet. And sale Curtis house or rent it out.  So we are rather excited just it be awhile before we get to move in. It is smaller but it be OUR house together that we create together. Don't get me wrong I like the house we are in now but hey it was his and his ex's house 1st and then he had another ex live there too So yea having something that is OURS will be nice :P FOUR there really nothing else..... I am hoping to start taking some pictures again and look for a little part time job. Also I just want to say one thing... PLANNING A WEDDING IS VERY HARD!
 I hope everyone is having a great week. The weekend is almost here and I am rather excited and I am rather excited about getting my iphone tomorrow. Should be in then :)
Till next time. -Court. <3 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wedding Thursday & What I will miss most about Maine:

Hey y'all!
Well I fly out to SC on Monday which is a rather exciting thing, Curtis is really excited to see me. I know I am so excited! I have already made dinner plans and all when I get back to the south. I am just nervous as always when it comes to flying. But don't we all? I think it is rather normal. I just gotta not think so much. Which I do and tends to get me into trouble. I just gotta make sure I pack some good books and magazines. Also charge my iPad and iPod. Or I will get really bored because I can't sleep on the plane. To many beeps and noise going on in the cabin. But I am planning on doing a travel by plane post this weekend. I am wanting to explain tips on packing and what to pack in your carry on and so on.

-Ok so part of this post is on what I will miss most about Maine and maybe a few I won't miss... like snow :P
 There are a lot of things I am going to miss about this lovely little town of Caribou. Lots of things you can't get or see back at home.
 The very first thing I know I am going to miss is my Mom. She is my best friend and I don't get to see her again in till this summer. We have spent the last 6 months together. I know I can be a bitch and I am very hard to live with. But we still love each other and she will always be my Mom.
This photo was taken while it was snowing. We were goofing off. it was a blast!

-2nd thing will have to be little Florence! I am so going to miss her. I won't be able to get back in till this summer when Curtis and I come back up to pick up my wedding dress. Florence is one crazy kitty. She love to run and find things. Oh and she attacks my loufa you know the thing you bathe with in the tub. Yes she torn it up and now she carries it around with her.

This is her favorite spot to sleep when I am on the laptop or reading. 

 -3rd thing will be my Little Brother, he might not be the social type but he is still my little brother. He is one smart kid and he is going to be something big one day.
-4th I am going to miss my new friends that I have made up here. We have done a lot this past short 6 months I have been here. And I can't wait till this summer to see them all again :) And I think I will always remember our crazy talks in Bangor, we are just a bunch of crazy girls!
Sherri, barb, Lisa, me
Lisa, Me, Barb, Sherri

-5th I am going to miss Reno's. Reno's is an awesome little restaurant here in Caribou. They serve the most amazing Haddock Sandwich and homemade pizza. They even have pretty good country fried stake too. Which I am thinking of going vegetarian btw. I also decided if my food looks like "strawberry icecream" before it get to me. It is not going into my body. But thats another post...
There are many other things I am going to miss about Caribou like Tim Horton's yummm They have amazing coffee. But I don't want to bore you all with every single one of those things. But if you are every in Caribou Reno's you must visit it :)

The thing I am not going to miss is the snow!!!! Yes, I am not going to miss it.

So are you ready for Wedding Thursday Post? 

Well I don't think I have told y'all yet but I have found and order my wedding gown! It is so so very exciting. It is the perfect dress and I can't wait till Sept to put it on and walk down the aisle in. Curtis is going to love or so I hope so. The gown is very romantic and it somewhat reminds me of Belle's yellow dress in Beauty in the Beast. I am not going to post a  photo of the dress because Curtis might see it. But I will tell you who makes it. Maggie Sottero.

Also I am trying to figure out what to do for a bridesmaid dress. I am loving the Alfred Angelo Disney Maids gowns. They are too beautiful.
 This is my favorite, I just wished it was longer, so my challenge is to find this dress but long. So what do y'all think of it? Aint it romantic?

Well I am going to go. I have wrote a pretty long post for today and I don't want to bore anyone. :P I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring & Summer Decor Ideas

Hey y'all!
So you all know that in a few days (5) I be heading back home to the good ole south. So with that said I am wanting to vamp up the house a bit, get it ready for Spring and Summer. I know it has to be looking rather manly with me being gone 6 months now. Curtis is not the let's make the house pretty and smell good kind of guy. So I know I am going to be doing some major Spring cleaning. I am wanting to add color to my Living Room and add some throw pillows to the sofa to start off with and add some pretty spring things to the mantel. SO I got on Pinterest and started to look for some ideas... here are some:

 I have been wanting some different types of Cactus in my house because for one they are almost impossible to kill. And they are a very lovely pop of color.
 I am hoping to paint the wall that connects the living room with the dinning room this color and I love the black chevron pillow too with that color. My sofa is about that color too.

 I love the saying.

 I am going to have to find some wall space to do this with, I love this idea!

 Very vintage :)
 So true!
 This I am going to do for my kitchen, so easy and too cute

 Be very lovely on my red door. 
all images can be found here: via
Oh here is a FREE Printable Spring Cleaning Check List here:

So you can see I have many ideas. Now Just trying to figure out which ones I can do first and not break the bank. LOL I am all about some DIYs :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 1st "Sunday Social"

Hey y'all! 
Today this Sunday I decided to do join in on the fun with the whole "Sunday Social"that I keep seeing on a lot of blogs. Which this week's post seem like a good set of questions so I am like why not!
Sunday Social

1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch? 2012: that is one movie I refuse to watch again. Something about it that is just freaked me out way to much. And I won't watch any movie that is somewhat like it either. 

2. What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven’t yet? The Vampire Diaries: Everyone I seem to know is in love with this show. I used to watch the Secret Circle and this show was always on before so I would catch the last few mins of it. Which I never seem to get into it. Netflix has it on so I might give it a try. Since it is Curtis' new favorite show. 
 3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?  I really don't have a list, but I have always wanted to Bungee Jump and I want to travel to Ireland.Oh and a road trip across country!

4. Would you ever travel alone? yes, I have already travel more than once on my own. I have flown couple of times by myself too. I don't mind it. 

5. What activities do you like to do alone? Driving, because I can just blast my music as loud as I want, and don't have to worry about that awkward moment of silence. Also cleaning house; my house. Crafting and doing things around the house. Also jogging because again no awkward moment of silence or pressure of having to talk to jogging buddy.