Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where have the days gone!

I have very very busy!
Crafting, editing pictures, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and doing photoshoots! I just have been busy..
I have been having fun with my crafting, I have made bows and hearts, owls, and much much more!! I haven't taken an good pictures, which I will do very very soon.
I just wanted to do a real fast post. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and is excited about Thanksgiving and Black Friday that is coming up at the end of the week.
Oh and also add to the busy life of Courtney, I am watching my sister Doggie while she in wonderful cold Maine visiting my mom, which I get to fly up in DEC.. Which that is very exciting as well.
So how is everyone? What are yall's plans for Thanksgiving?
This year Curtis and I aren't cooking the big meal, we are going to his mom's and we are going to my Grandmothers. So I am baking 2 chocolate Coke cola cakes and Sweet potatoes.

Well I better I gotta get some things finished and I wanna up date my Photography Blog! 
Late night Walmart shopping 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Happy Jar

I thought to add a wonderful little thing I thought that would be nice to add to The Happiness Project. like yesterday I said for week 2 I wanted to be crafty. So far it's going good.. I have crafted a little today too. I created a cute little pink flower. Which your will see in at the end of this post. I am hoping to add something everyday this week to my Happy Jar.. I added a few things to it to day.

  • A picture of Curtis and I
  • A picture of my Family
  • My favorite earrings
  • My mini ipod for music because it has all happy music for when I use it to go jog. 
  • And my favorite Finger nail Polish 
There are lots more that makes me happy but that is just a few I added today (: Do this I believe will help me to remember what all makes me happy and that I am very thankful for what I have in my life today.. Even if it's just small things. 

Family is one big thing that makes me happy and this Saturday I am doing family pictures of my family and of me. I am the one that came up with the idea.. It's a great thing we are all getting together and spending some time together, even though not all like their picture taken.. That we should remember the reason why we doing them. 
Sorry if I am just rambling.  Anywho here is the pictures! (: 

Carter didn't like when I let the camera take a picture of us on auto..
"Mama, Why is the camera making a strange, scary sound?"

What are some things that make you happy, or what are you thankful for in your life? 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dream & Dream Some More...

“Why Dream? 

Life is a difficult assignment. We are fragile creatures, expected to function at high rates of speed, and asked to accomplish great and small things each day. These daily activities take enormous amounts of energy. Most things are out of our control. We are surrounded by danger, frustration, grief, and insanity as well as love, hope, ecstasy, and wonder. Being fully human is an exercise in humility, suffering, grace, and great humor. Things and people all around us die, get broken, or are lost. There is no safety or guarantees. 

The way to accomplish the assignment of truly living is to engage fully, richly, and deeply in the living of your dreams. We are made to dream and to live those dreams.” 


I found this on a fellow blog and I had to reblog it! I just love this and has inspired me !!

The Happiness Project & Crafting

Hey lovely Readers! 
I hope everyone is have a nice chilly week!! A lot has been going on and I have a busy weekend ahead of me!!!

First off: Week one of The Happiness Project didn't go over so well.. One I hurt my foot, which it is still hurting. I can't walk a lot and if I do it starts to hurt a lot! It sucks because it has been going on for a week now. And no its no broken which is good I guess... hmmm But I have been trying to not get too many sweets which is good right??

Anywho You saw on my last post that Melissa and I made super cute sugar skulls... Well today I finished my girl sugar skull and also made a Cupcake Hair bow! Which the Cupcake is my favorite.. I hoping to make a few more... and I am working on some other crafty things... ( I so wanna be crafty) So Thats what I am going to do...  So... Who wants to see pics!!!??? I do!

See aren't they super cute... (: Please let me know what yall think.. I am thinking of creating an etsy store which I wanna sale these, my photography, and jewelry that I will make and anything else I can think of... 

So Trashy Betty and I have getting ready for good old Christmas! Which I am getting excited about. This year for Christmas I am doing Cheetah Print and Red for my Christmas Decor Colors. Which I think its fun and Classy... And of Course lots of Glitter!! You can't have Christmas without it! -LOL

hmmm thats about it!! Busy Busy Oh yea let me not forget about I am doing Family Pictures with my Fam. Sat... this should be_______________! hahaha

Week 2- The Happiness Project:
Be Crafty and Crafty all week!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Late night Sugar Skulls :)

Tonight Melissa from Trashy Betty and I decided we'd dig throught the craft "closet" and throw something together! She really liked my felt owls and woodland fox- so we decided after talking about holiday decor that we'd make some sugar skull ornaments! DO keep in mind - we are first-timers at the sugar skull ornaments! However, we had lots of fun- which made it all the matter!!! Happy Crafting!!!

PS - We are in our pajammy jammys!!! :) And, don't even care ;)

xoxoxox-Courtney & Melissa

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Happiness Project: Week One!!

Trashy Betty and I are doing our own little twist to the Happiness project that The life of a Cupcake! is doing... It really got me thinking and I think it be perfect because one Winter is coming... We all get a little depressed when the cold months are here.. I know I do! So why not do little things to promote happiness and write about it in our blogs?! We are doing it for the Month of NOV and DEC. 8 weeks total. 

Each week we will have a different challenge from it be taking pictures or dancing around to a new song every day! We welcome anyone to join our little project and share your thoughts and ideas!!! And we like to thanks The life of a Cupcake! inspiring us to create our own little Happiness Project! 

Happiness Project/ Week One: 
(Wednesday Nov. 2nd - Wednesday Nov. 9th.)
*The Workout to Happiness! 
Being happy is important in mind, spirit, and in body. Melissa and I have chosen to make a lifestyle change today and begin to make out bodies happy! We will be dedicating 1.5 hr.'s every weekday solely to cardio and personal training. Along with this, we have also made promises to each other to make healthier food choices. 

* This by no means constitutes that we are not happy with our bodies, because all body sizes and shapes are beautiful. 

Featuring Adrian, an Aspiring Maine Photographer

Hey yall!!
I am doing a Feature on a Aspiring photographer which happens to be my little brother! He is living in the snowy Northern Maine with our lovely mother.. After seeing his wonderful, unique work... I thought to myself I have to do feature blog post on him!!! So please go on and read and enjoy his photography.

You can contact Adrian through Facebook. 

"Hi… my name’s Adrian, and I’m the type of person to change very frequently. Being that type of person, I find it hard at times to keep up with what I really want, or need. But recently, I found something that helps me with that. Pictures. With pictures, no matter what my mood might be that day… no matter what I may be feeling at the time, I can just pick up my camera, take a few and do whatever I please to them. It’s a freedom that I think I always will enjoy, to capture the moment in anything.

I’m inspired by mostly everyday things; things that people don’t always quite notice. The things that are right in front of you but yet you have no time to slow down and really see them. Whatever it may be, I think it makes the best pictures. It’s when I see something that sparks my interest and my mind tells me “oh, you have to get a picture of that.”

I think my favorite photo, or photos, may be the few I took on the morning of October 29th. It was a beautiful morning, and the images I captured came out almost surreal to me. They really showed me you can capture the beauty in just about anything. Adding in the right effects, I almost made them look like paintings. They are my absolute favorites."