Welcome to my little corner of the world! 
My name is Courtney & I'm a Southern Girl. Born & Raised 
Glad to meet you, grab you a glass of sweet tea and sit down and stay awhile.
It's a Southern Thing!was est. back early of 2009- My old blog/host:

What you will find in this lovely little blog:

  • Ramblings, yes I tend to ramble and write about random things. 
  • Little Reminders. Every now in then I will post little things that I myself need reminding or I like to just post sweet and positive thoughts, sayings, pictures etc
  • Photography- I am a photographer so I post new work every now in then.
  • Cupcakes & Recipes - I love to bake and I love Cupcakes 
  • Tattoos 
  • Wedding Wednesday on Thursdays... Inspiration for Curtis and my wedding 
  • goals
  • diet stuff
  • Maine
  • stuff I like
  • and much much more randomness :D 

Who is the girl behind the Laptop: 

  • 24 year old woman 
  • that is in Love with the man of dreams; Curtis 
  • Photographer
  •  Baker
  • Mommy to 3 pups & 1 Cat

Kobie, Carter, Wookie, & Florence 

  • wants a family one day
  • loves all things vintage
  • hopes open an online store soon
  • has a photography studio (life long dream)
  • Getting Married 9/6/13