Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am one year older

Hey yall! 
I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging.. Well this past Saturday was my Birthday, I Turned 23. I don't feel much difference, but there are some things I want change and do. I want to be a more creative, better, and loving person. And still be the artist I am today. Sometimes I don't think I am an artist, but an artist can be many things. Right? I also want to become a better writer and write meaningful things.
There are other things I like to get done with this new year, my new year. Like work on my  Gypsy and Hippie sitting area and paint my Kitchen. Which we have picked out the colors.. I am going for a wine theme (: Lots and lots of things and places I am going to see and do in my new year. Did I tell yall we are going to Salem, MA and Maine in Oct! yes we are.. We are very excited, well be going during the prettiest season and Halloween is the time to go to Salem.. (: We like to travel, we just haven't done anything year, now we take little day trips and site see. Curtis and I have been doing a lot of hiking and going to waterfalls here lately. Which its very nice. Anyways I am going to go... Curtis should home here soon Night everyone

Us at my Birthday Dinner @ Carolina Ale House of Greenville 

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I love Carolina Ale House! We have to get together for a hike this fall!


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