Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Spring!

Hey y'all!
It has been awhile since I have posted anything. So I am back in South Carolina and is trying to get back into the swing of things. It is nice to be back in south. It is pretty and warm and I couldn't image living any where else. Don't get me wrong Maine is nice and beautiful in the Fall, but I can't take the 6 month long winters. It is just too crazy cold there. Anyway a lot has happened since I have been back ONE the house was a mess when I got back, oh poor Curtis haha So I have been trying to clean and de clutter the house, it looks like a man cave right now. So it is a good reason to redecorate right? TWO We got a new BIKE yes its awesome and it is a bigger and more comfy bike. It is made for long road trips which I have already planned our 1st big road trip. New Orleans  baby! I have always wanted to go and we have never been. Have any one of y'all been? Last weekend we took the bike on our 1st big ride I guess you could say. We rode up to Chimmy Rock NC. It was a nice ride and we were about 20 miles from Asheville. We are hoping it be sunny again Saturday so we can go some where else. But Curtis is in love with his bike he has been riding it everyday to work. I am just happy for him, he has been looking for a Road Glide for a rather long time. THREE we have a second/new house my father gave  to us and we are rather excited about it. We are going to redo the whole house. Put in a new bathroom, redo the Kitchen, and hopefully find hardwood floors under the carpet. And sale Curtis house or rent it out.  So we are rather excited just it be awhile before we get to move in. It is smaller but it be OUR house together that we create together. Don't get me wrong I like the house we are in now but hey it was his and his ex's house 1st and then he had another ex live there too So yea having something that is OURS will be nice :P FOUR there really nothing else..... I am hoping to start taking some pictures again and look for a little part time job. Also I just want to say one thing... PLANNING A WEDDING IS VERY HARD!
 I hope everyone is having a great week. The weekend is almost here and I am rather excited and I am rather excited about getting my iphone tomorrow. Should be in then :)
Till next time. -Court. <3 

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  1. you're very lucky to be planning a wedding during the Pinterest years. I had to kick it old school with magazines for ideas.


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