Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wedding Thursday & What I will miss most about Maine:

Hey y'all!
Well I fly out to SC on Monday which is a rather exciting thing, Curtis is really excited to see me. I know I am so excited! I have already made dinner plans and all when I get back to the south. I am just nervous as always when it comes to flying. But don't we all? I think it is rather normal. I just gotta not think so much. Which I do and tends to get me into trouble. I just gotta make sure I pack some good books and magazines. Also charge my iPad and iPod. Or I will get really bored because I can't sleep on the plane. To many beeps and noise going on in the cabin. But I am planning on doing a travel by plane post this weekend. I am wanting to explain tips on packing and what to pack in your carry on and so on.

-Ok so part of this post is on what I will miss most about Maine and maybe a few I won't miss... like snow :P
 There are a lot of things I am going to miss about this lovely little town of Caribou. Lots of things you can't get or see back at home.
 The very first thing I know I am going to miss is my Mom. She is my best friend and I don't get to see her again in till this summer. We have spent the last 6 months together. I know I can be a bitch and I am very hard to live with. But we still love each other and she will always be my Mom.
This photo was taken while it was snowing. We were goofing off. it was a blast!

-2nd thing will have to be little Florence! I am so going to miss her. I won't be able to get back in till this summer when Curtis and I come back up to pick up my wedding dress. Florence is one crazy kitty. She love to run and find things. Oh and she attacks my loufa you know the thing you bathe with in the tub. Yes she torn it up and now she carries it around with her.

This is her favorite spot to sleep when I am on the laptop or reading. 

 -3rd thing will be my Little Brother, he might not be the social type but he is still my little brother. He is one smart kid and he is going to be something big one day.
-4th I am going to miss my new friends that I have made up here. We have done a lot this past short 6 months I have been here. And I can't wait till this summer to see them all again :) And I think I will always remember our crazy talks in Bangor, we are just a bunch of crazy girls!
Sherri, barb, Lisa, me
Lisa, Me, Barb, Sherri

-5th I am going to miss Reno's. Reno's is an awesome little restaurant here in Caribou. They serve the most amazing Haddock Sandwich and homemade pizza. They even have pretty good country fried stake too. Which I am thinking of going vegetarian btw. I also decided if my food looks like "strawberry icecream" before it get to me. It is not going into my body. But thats another post...
There are many other things I am going to miss about Caribou like Tim Horton's yummm They have amazing coffee. But I don't want to bore you all with every single one of those things. But if you are every in Caribou Reno's you must visit it :)

The thing I am not going to miss is the snow!!!! Yes, I am not going to miss it.

So are you ready for Wedding Thursday Post? 

Well I don't think I have told y'all yet but I have found and order my wedding gown! It is so so very exciting. It is the perfect dress and I can't wait till Sept to put it on and walk down the aisle in. Curtis is going to love or so I hope so. The gown is very romantic and it somewhat reminds me of Belle's yellow dress in Beauty in the Beast. I am not going to post a  photo of the dress because Curtis might see it. But I will tell you who makes it. Maggie Sottero.

Also I am trying to figure out what to do for a bridesmaid dress. I am loving the Alfred Angelo Disney Maids gowns. They are too beautiful.
 This is my favorite, I just wished it was longer, so my challenge is to find this dress but long. So what do y'all think of it? Aint it romantic?

Well I am going to go. I have wrote a pretty long post for today and I don't want to bore anyone. :P I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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  1. I am going to miss you terribly. I love you so much. I will remember all the memories we made and the fun times we had, even the ones in the snow!


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