Monday, February 27, 2012

Wow, It has been too long... Whats new... Zumba, summer coming, hair, etc

Hey Readers!! 
If I still have any! IT was been way too long since I have posted anything... Since NOV! omg.. I have miss my blog, my fellow bloggers, and just reading all my favorite blogs too. Well since NOV a lot has happened. Curtis and I have a great Christmas and new years even though I was away for New Years we still had a great one.. We did Facebook kisses :)) The reason I was away I was visiting my mother all the way up in MAINE! It was super cold and yes I flew all by my lonesome. It was a wonderful trip.

So now.. I am still doing my Photography, and I have made some new great friends and lost a few... I think it happens for the best. Well My mom is coming down in June/July. We are going to the beach in FL! We are going on the the gulf side of FL because it the prettiest. I have never see the beach in FL so I am very excited! Which gets me to a new topic I am starting Zumba classes this week.
The Zumba Project! 
I have taken Zumba before which I was in college in Greenwood. I had to stay fit! ;) So I know it works and I know it will work again! And I dont have to have a gym membership to take the class which I am happy about! It is $5 a class and I am going on Tuesday and Thursday. But since I am doing it only on two days out of the week. I am going to be jogging/ walking on the days in between.   I am really excited, I gotta look hot for the beach this year! I am really going to stick to it too.... I am hanging up my swimsuit to remind me everyday that I wanna look good in my 2 piece. So each week I will take a photo in my swimsuit up intill my trip and record my process and hope to share with you all! yay! Have any of yall done Zumba? 

Spring is coming... 
So what are yall excited about spring this year?
I am excited to start my garden of lots of veggies and I planted poppy flowers this year and I am excited to see them this year!

Well I think that about it..I hope everyone is having a great week! and btw I am blonde!

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