Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Its a Southern Thing MOVING to MAINE

Yes, It's a Southern Thing! is Temporary moving to MAINE! It might sound a little crazy and you are prob.  wondering why I am moving to Maine so before you freak out and all let me explain why I am.

I will be moving to the little town call Caribou its really cute and has that small town feel that you get in the movies! The reason for the daring move is to open a Photography Studio and a gallery. I am so excited! My mother and I will be the ones opening it. We are hoping to be open in late NOV to Early DEC.  I have a site up and running already along with a Facebook page. Fanciful Impressions Studio & Photography  So check it out of you want. I will be leaving for Maine on the 25th. So the 22nd is the last day I will be taking photography appts here in the South.

I am hoping to be sharing my time in Maine on here to my Southern readers and It's a Southern Thing! readers.

I am so excited and Can't wait to get up there to get the ball rolling even though I am doing a lot now. (:

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