Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where have the days gone!

I have very very busy!
Crafting, editing pictures, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and doing photoshoots! I just have been busy..
I have been having fun with my crafting, I have made bows and hearts, owls, and much much more!! I haven't taken an good pictures, which I will do very very soon.
I just wanted to do a real fast post. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and is excited about Thanksgiving and Black Friday that is coming up at the end of the week.
Oh and also add to the busy life of Courtney, I am watching my sister Doggie while she in wonderful cold Maine visiting my mom, which I get to fly up in DEC.. Which that is very exciting as well.
So how is everyone? What are yall's plans for Thanksgiving?
This year Curtis and I aren't cooking the big meal, we are going to his mom's and we are going to my Grandmothers. So I am baking 2 chocolate Coke cola cakes and Sweet potatoes.

Well I better I gotta get some things finished and I wanna up date my Photography Blog! 
Late night Walmart shopping 

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