Monday, September 17, 2012

September in Photos (:


For our anniversy we got matching tattoos... Which was on Sept 6. We have been together for 3 years.  We can't believe how fast time as week these past 3 years!! 

After we got our shallows tattooed. We are so cute :p 

Taken Yesterday... playing with my sisters Iphone

Kayla and I after we got our new tattoos, mine the bows and she got a huge ass dream catcher on her thigh/hip area

Curtis new Nome Tattoo, he loves it! 


My little nephew Start K-5!! His first day of school was when this was taken! I am so proud of him! 

Taken today... My sister's cat Lily. When I am around she become my cat and forget about her mommy. lol 

I thought to post some pictures today, I haven't in awhile. So how is everyone doing? I am good, I have been super busy. Saturday I worked all day had 3 photoshoots that I did. Worked on photos, prints and order my prints for the ArtWalk (oct. 5) I am very excited about to get the prints! No one has seen the ones I have picked nor have anyone see the photos other than Curtis and the Print guy. They are so cool and I can't wait to share them and maybe sell one or two. 

Also bought my plane ticket for my Maine flight for the 25. We also think we have found the perfect building for the studio! Its everything we are looking for and more. Post pictures of it soon! I am going to go look at it when I get into Maine so I will get a few shots to show yall. 

The only thing is that I am going to miss Curtis like crazy, and little Wookie. Yes, Curtis is not coming up yet not in till everything is going to work out and all. Which I hope it does. But he is planning to come up during Christmas and hopes to bring little Wookie. Just so much is going on and its all exciting and a little sad but I hoping for the best and I do believe everything happens for a reason. And with something like is possible you just don't want to pass it up. You know? 

Well I better go.. I just notice that is is 5mins till 3AM!!!!! Crazy.. I just love to read others blogs :) 
Good night, well I mean good morning and hope everyone has a Happy Monday! 

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