Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hair going PINK!?

Hey y'all,
yes the title says it all! I am wanting to dye my hair pink! Crazy I know, I am wanting it to be pastel pink. So I have been YouTube, google searching, and just searching on how to do this the right and long lasting way. I know the basics on how to this before I even started my searching. You bleach it, tone it and then add pink color. But the more I research the more tricks, tips, and info I found. Lots of helpful things. I even been doing research on products.

I was at one point this Summer I had pink highlights in my blonde hair, but they were a little bright. Which I found out how you can lighten the bright colors! You just use conditioner, how cool is that? If I would have known that back when I was already blonde I would have went pink then, but now I am some funky red/brown color! It is awful I know!
Here are some pics of when i had blonde and pink hair.

1) This is I say a month after I had the pink added to my hair. I washed it with cold water and just used conditioner. It did faded a bit. If enlarge the image it looks baby pink. 2 &3 ) I have it pinned back so you can see more of the pink.. 4) was taken at Easter and my hair is straighten too. 5) was the day I had the pink added and my roots touched up. Was about 4 days before Easter. I used Raw Hair color that came from hot topic; which was about $12 I am not too sure, a friend bought it for me.
So there you have it with my hair with a little pink. Now this is what I want. :D
looks like cotton candy! I just love it!
So after seen what I had done pink a while back and now seeing what I want, do you think I should go all over pink? Also do you have any tips on funky hair color?

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  1. Who wouldn’t love to have pink hair? The color can answer for itself, as it’s very bright and cheerful! Your life will surely be interesting everyday. Have you taken the plunge, or are still deciding if you should go for it? If you really want it, or at least want to try it just once, make sure to do it with your trusted hair stylist, so you’ll have his/her opinion on the right shade to apply on your hair.

    Catherine Ward @ Camerons Salon


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