Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Wedding Pinterest Boards

Hey y'all! I thought to share with you all my wedding Pinterest boards. I know I haven't formally announce mine and Curtis engagement yet but We are engaged! We are planning an engagement Party for February. We set the date for the wedding to be Sept. 6th 2013. We are so excited! So I will be posting all kinds of things wedding related. Though I even thought about starting a wedding blog, but then again I don't think so. Its too much work, I already have 2 photography sites and this blog to run.

Anyways back to pinterest you can follow me if you like on pinterest but here are screen shots of my boards. We are going for a whimsical country theme wedding. Almost like Alice & Wonderland vibe.  We are also thinking of using Pink and Orange for our colors, but then again I like Pink and Gold. So we don't know yet. Or even teal and gold. What do yall think???

This is really my second board, which I created after we picked our date and it ended up being Sept. 6, a Fall month. Which we are not going for a Fall theme. I think it is over done.

 This was my 1st wedding board, thinking we were going to get married in the spring. This board has a mixture of different ideas than my 2nd. Here you see Alice in Wonderland, beach, country, and a little modern. 

I now put all my wedding ideas in my 2nd board.
I love to hear about your wedding ideas or thoughts. If you are married what tips do you have for planning? Also if you are on pinterest, please leave your link!

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