Friday, December 14, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday - Christmas Blanks & Pictures

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1) When it comes to holiday shopping: I normally do it all on Black Friday but this year I did no shopping. lol I have a feeling its going to all last mintue this year! I have a few things I got to ship to SC this year and the rest I just have Mom and my little brother, Adrian.

2) A few things that are my Christmas wish list: some new jeans... not exciting I know. I love to have a new lens for my camera and a few little girly things I have found on the web. But nothing exciting maybe just to me :P Oh an a MAC computer :D
3) An intangible gift I would like to receive:  Does seeing Curtis Count?
4) A gift I like to give this year is:  Mama dream Coffee Pot (tim hortons)
5)My Christmas will be spent: In Maine with my Mom and Brother in their new house. Which my mom is rather excited about. I am very happy for her. Also hopfully spent making tons of bake goods and with some new friends. Christmas party on the 22.... keeping fingers cross...
6) My most favorite Christmas gift of all time: This is rather hard... As a child would have to be my doll house, I remember waking up and it was sitting under the Christmas tree it was so exciting! 
Yep that's me and that doll house!!! :D

7) The Best thing about the holidays is cozying up around the tree and tv watching A Christmas Story and drink hot coco on Christmas Eve!

Curtis sent me some pictures today! I miss the him and the pups so bad! Its going to be a hard Christmas without him this year. I just don't know what I am going to do. Has anyone spent a Christmas without your other half? If so How did you deal with it? I think I will be ok I just know it is going to be hard, Thanksgiving was awful without him and I just want Christmas to be happy for the both of us.

They are not the best of pictures. Carter at the top the Boxer, then Wookie sleeping and Curtis showing off his new hair cut he got today.... He looking good from the side! hahaha

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