Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looks & Taste a lot like Christmas

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Hey yall!
Courtney here, my Mum has gotten a new house in Caribou, so I am now staying next door to the studio. Which is rather cool, now I can walk around town and to the studio. So I am determent to walk around and get some good pictures of the town. It so cute! I walked to the library today, it is very lovely. Wish I took a photo of it. I will put it on my to do list! :P

So since we are in the new house we are trying to get everything unpacked and ready for Christmas. We are having a Christmas & Cookie Swap party Saturday and then James is coming up on Christmas Eve and then Christmas! Lots to get done! Hoping we get a tree tomorrow and all pretty for Saturday and I gotta get food and party items for Saturday. We have tons of stuff to do! So I have putting up a little Christmas cheer around the house! Check it out below

Just wishing my love was going to be here for Christmas. I miss him so much and I am going crazy with out him here. I just hope he has a great Christmas, though he said he is not all that excited. Which I totally understand why. Also Yule is this weekend. So I am thinking of doing a mini Yule dinner on Sunday though it is Friday/Saturday. It is the Pagan Christmas I guess you could say.  They pretty much have the same traditions. Anywho. I have some photos too share.

Christmas Whoopie Pies!

Added Christmas lights under the cabinets. Looks so pretty in person

So we are slowly adding some Christmas Cheer around the house... Hopefully it all be ready by Saturday. What are some ways you spread Christmas Cheer or how you decorate for the holidays? Post links I like to see :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!

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