Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pink Cupcakes - Goal 1

So Friday I made cupcake, I was wanting yummy vanilla cupcake with pink frosting! Well they turned out to be amazing and they didn't last. Its Sunday Now and there are none left! :D

. So how was everyones New year? I was reading everyone's new year goals. Which is very aspiring to me to write out some goals of my own. 

So Goal ONE

 Become a better blogger. Update on a regular bases and post more pictures.
Things I like to start Blogging
  • Things I love; on Thursdays
  • What I wore; Mondays and Saturdays
  • Wedding Wednesdays;  something wedding related every Wednesday till Sept. 6th 
  •  Weekend Recaps; on Sundays 
  • Then anything in Between. Oh hopefully still do Fill in the Blanks on Fridays. 
  • Post a new new Goal once a Week so look out for one Next Sunday

In till text time! :D

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