Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Today

Well more like what I am wearing today! :p Today is a lazy kinda of day just went to the store and going to head over to the studio to do some cleaning and get it ready for tomorrow. We have a big photo shoot on Tuesday and we are rather excited about.
 My hair is back blonde in these photos. I am excited; need to touch up a few spots in the back then I am going to dye it pastel pink. :D 

Sweater: Thrift (second hand rose)
Basic Top: Ross or Rugged Warehouse?
Head Band: Christmas Gift 
 Skirt: Lane Bryant (its way to big; I have to roll it up for it to stay on)
Leggings/longjohns: Aerie 
Boots: Jessica Simpson

Also check out my 2013 projects on the left sidebar :D


  1. Oh, I LOVE those boots with that skirt. You look so adorable sweetie. xoxoxo Mina


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