Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- On Thursday - Pink & Gold

So I am a little behind on doing my post :p 

Wedding Wednesday Thursday: Our Wedding Colors Pink & Gold 

We decided finally on our wedding colors, which was rather hard. Ended up having to look at things and boards to get an idea what the colors look like together. Which Curtis ended up liking Pink & Gold better than any others. Which I love the Pink & Gold, it is very Vintage which is what we want to go for. Country Vintage. Thats another post. 

 I am going to list some ideas we have that are in Pink & Gold. 
Now please note I am not wanting a dress like this, I love the gold dress but its not my style. But the pink & gold colors are just wonderful! Curtis said they are "Classy".  (:
 This an idea I have for the Flower girls. I am wanting to make tutu dresses for the twins.
 Bridesmaid dress idea 1, now I will do a whole post on looking and inspirations on Bridesmaids dresses later.

Very lovely cake. I saw this today on a friends facebook and fell in love.  I got image from They posted images from the whole wedding this week. I love how dainty it is. The only thing I would change is the height. I want a rather tall cake. :D

 I think it be pretty hot to add Pink tulle under my wedding dress :D

 I just love the Gold Chairs

Ok so there you have it, now trying to decide what shades of gold and pink to use. What color shade of pink or gold you like best?


  1. I just died a little from all the pretty. I LOVE these colors! And PLEASE put pink tulle under your dress!

    1. oh goodness. lol Thank you. I am really thinking of adding pink to my dress, I just haven't found THE dress yet. :/


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