Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Thursday: All about Cake Designs

Hey y'all! 
Sorry I have been away, I have been sick and have not had the energy to write anything. Maine is having crazy weather and I think that might have something to do with it. Anyways been pretty busy even though I have been sick. I will update yall later, now time for some Cake! 

Now In my last Wedding Post I was talking about our Wedding Colors. Which are Pink & Gold. Below are some wedding cakes that have our colors in the cake designs. I just love them all! 

Let them Eat Cake! 

 I like this one, I like that it looks as if there is lace on the cake.  Its just the cake looks lumpy :/
 I really like the one but I don't think I like the pattern. What do you think?
 I Love the pink Cake.
 I think this is my favorite, just it needs to be taller
 This is really pretty
 I LOVE this idea it the cake ends up being gold. it be a nice pop of color.
 I like this one too if we dont go with fondant this would be nice.

So those are some of my favorite Pink and Gold Cake designs that I have found. We are wanting either a 4 to 5 tier cake.. I was thinking 6 but that might be a little to much... as in height. I like either the pink fondant or the gold. I am thinking Gold with Pink ponies flowers. What do yall think?  We are thinking we have already found the person to make the cake. She is out of Easley and she make such lovely cakes. I love to hear your thoughts on the cakes. What kind of cake do you have at your wedding? 

Whats Coming up next Thursday....  
Bridal Party Dresses and How I asked my Bridesmaids :D
All Images links are here: Pinterest

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