Friday, March 8, 2013

My Spring Tobi's Faves!

I am so ready for spring! I have been doing some online shopping these past couple of days and well I found this awesome clothing website; Tobi. They have some awesome things and it is not very pricey either. Here are some of my faves:

1) Ombrella Shift Dress in Coral  2) Spike Along Bracelet in Gold  3) Dolce Vita Archer Strappy Sandals in White & Gold.Made of leather. 4) Lila Drape Top in white comes in 3 other colors.

1) Lets just say I am in love with this dress! It is so spring! I love the ombre effect and I think it is perfect for Easter dinner with the family. So to go with it I picked out 2 & 3 to go with it. Also since it is the 1st time ordering with them I save 50% off each item expect the shoes since its a brand.  This is also nice for a shopping trip, flea market days, yard saling, day drives, days at the coffee shop, and picnics, etc.

2) Picked this bracelet bc for one its gold, and it is a statement piece for any outfit.

3) I am in love with these sandals and for one who can find leather shoes these days that are UNDER $100 bucks? They are clean and simple which I think they are great for any outfit and perfect for this Spring and Summer. ($69) 

4) This top is so beautiful yet simple. I love that it is backless and is another great spring pick for anyone's closet. 

Coming Soon to Tobi's website.... Lacey Cut off Shorts 
I am so ordering these once they are release. They are so hippie like and be super cute for this summer.
So there you have it. My favorite items that all can be found at So look out for some awesome what I wore posts in the future! 

Ps I am heading back home in few days, so excited to see my Curtis! Just wish me a safe flight back to SC.


  1. I love that dress! Have a safe flight. By the way thanks for displaying my button :)

    1. Thank you! and no problem posting it helps me remember the links to some of my fave blogs. :)


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