Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring & Summer Decor Ideas

Hey y'all!
So you all know that in a few days (5) I be heading back home to the good ole south. So with that said I am wanting to vamp up the house a bit, get it ready for Spring and Summer. I know it has to be looking rather manly with me being gone 6 months now. Curtis is not the let's make the house pretty and smell good kind of guy. So I know I am going to be doing some major Spring cleaning. I am wanting to add color to my Living Room and add some throw pillows to the sofa to start off with and add some pretty spring things to the mantel. SO I got on Pinterest and started to look for some ideas... here are some:

 I have been wanting some different types of Cactus in my house because for one they are almost impossible to kill. And they are a very lovely pop of color.
 I am hoping to paint the wall that connects the living room with the dinning room this color and I love the black chevron pillow too with that color. My sofa is about that color too.

 I love the saying.

 I am going to have to find some wall space to do this with, I love this idea!

 Very vintage :)
 So true!
 This I am going to do for my kitchen, so easy and too cute

 Be very lovely on my red door. 
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Oh here is a FREE Printable Spring Cleaning Check List here:

So you can see I have many ideas. Now Just trying to figure out which ones I can do first and not break the bank. LOL I am all about some DIYs :)


  1. Great ideas...I kind of wonder if the sideways herb jars work well, though!

    1. Yes you have a point, not sure either, could always put them in mason jars and set them on a cute self or just put the up right instead of sideways.

  2. I love the Chevron pillow and the mustache wall decal (check my blog out on that note!)!

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