Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   I love       sweets   because      they are yummy and sweet   .

2.  A time that mama knew best was    when she told me that don't get so worked over a silly boy and she was right because ended up being not a very nice boy.

3.  My first kiss went a little like this     ... sitting beside this boy in his pick up truck and he said," You going to give that kiss you promised, right"? :P .

4.  My celebrity crush is  Jake Gyllenhaal----> Yummy, Sexy :) I love him in all of his movies he is an awesome actor.

5.  My splurge of choice is     Shoes, Wine, Sweets (: and my hair .

6.  My biggest accomplishment is      not too sure? I will get back to ya   .

7.  My dance jam of choice is       "Dirty Dancing" the 2nd one, "Honey"  . 

You can go on over to "the little things we do" to link up and join the fun! 


  1. My first kiss was in a pick up, too!! Well, in the bed of it. :o) Too funny!

  2. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my blog header! I'd been meaning to fix it up for some time, but never got around to it until a few weeks ago!

  3. I may use this on my blog if that's ok. I also added a link to your page on my blog. :)

  4. thanks yall! and Sarah ya are welcome! And that is pretty funny but aint that every country girls wish is a boy and his truck... and that 1st kiss... awwww haha I am cucu


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