Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A lot has happened!

Hey yall!!
It has been awhile since I have posted anything and i feel really bad! I have been very busy! So to catch yall up on everything this is what has happened:
I got my awesome new Canon!
I have done some really neat shoots and my Gypsy shoot is this Saturday (:
The flower beds for the font yard are finished! I just have to add some more little plants and flowers..
Father's day weekend I went to Anderson Car Show. I got some pretty neat photos...
then.... I lost my internet for a week and half ): and I just got it back yesterday. I used up all my 8gs. I so wish I had regular internet. !!
I am very sad that I missed The Tea Party that was on the 25th. ):
Monday Curtis and I went water fall findings.. which was really awesome!! We took some awesome photos!

things I need to finish and start:
Curtis' mom gave us this awesome bench which we going to sandblast it and paint it bright red!
Work on my prints for my living room wall.
hang 21 pictures picture frame.
Paint Kitchen
Plan more theme shoots
Also Plan Maine and Salem Mass. Trip in OCT... [ very EXCITING]
hmmm Save some money and get a little part time job. besides my photography.

Ok now who wants to see some photos???

Oh yea I have a pinterest! Follow me
(all photos are copyrighted Courtney Revels please do not take without permission)

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