Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wine and Flowers

Hey! Today I am posting some of my favorite wines... They are all red wines. I am not big on white, i believe its too dry.

  1. This used to be the only type of Red Wine I would drink. This is my favorite brand for Pinot Noir besides Bolt, I believe its called. Not 100% sure. You can get this bottle at Wine market in Greenville SC for $12 and some change. 
  2. This bottle is merlot. Its very tasty. Its pretty cheap too.. I got it at Bi-Lo one night for $8. I like the bottle logo design. 
  3. This is my all time favorite and I can only get it from this winery. It is located in Charleston SC on Market St, and you pick it up or order it for $20.  Lord Ashley is the name of the type of wine (: 
  4. I found this wine one night while I was at walmart. I have never had sweet red wine and this was a big bottle and the label was pretty cool. Well Its my favorite cheap wine. Its sweet and has no cheap wine after taste. Very fruity too.. I paid $6 and some change. 
I brought this wine the other day at Aldes for $3, I havent open it yet, I love the little owl on the bottle very cute(: Has anyone tried this one? 

Our yard after we fixed the flower beds now going to need to add some flowers. (: 

What your favorite wines? Any good ones I could try?

Ps. I created new Buttons! They are the right side, let me know if you grab one and i will do the same for you! Also I have pinterest too! 


  1. MAESTRO SI STAFFOLO RISERVA 2003 and DOM RUINART BLANC DE BLANCS 1985 are some of my favorite red wines. My brother is a sommelier and I'm a wine collector. We are a wine lover! We do taste a lot of wines from different country and this two are my favorites! Try that two, and I'm sure you will love it too.

  2. We love Bohemian Highway!!! Their bottle designs are adorable! I'm totally the kind of person that judges a bottle of wine by it's cork and bottle design. ;o) I'm the opposite of you though, I only drink white, no red. I just can't seem to get a taste for it!


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