Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Featuring Adrian, an Aspiring Maine Photographer

Hey yall!!
I am doing a Feature on a Aspiring photographer which happens to be my little brother! He is living in the snowy Northern Maine with our lovely mother.. After seeing his wonderful, unique work... I thought to myself I have to do feature blog post on him!!! So please go on and read and enjoy his photography.

You can contact Adrian through Facebook. 

"Hi… my name’s Adrian, and I’m the type of person to change very frequently. Being that type of person, I find it hard at times to keep up with what I really want, or need. But recently, I found something that helps me with that. Pictures. With pictures, no matter what my mood might be that day… no matter what I may be feeling at the time, I can just pick up my camera, take a few and do whatever I please to them. It’s a freedom that I think I always will enjoy, to capture the moment in anything.

I’m inspired by mostly everyday things; things that people don’t always quite notice. The things that are right in front of you but yet you have no time to slow down and really see them. Whatever it may be, I think it makes the best pictures. It’s when I see something that sparks my interest and my mind tells me “oh, you have to get a picture of that.”

I think my favorite photo, or photos, may be the few I took on the morning of October 29th. It was a beautiful morning, and the images I captured came out almost surreal to me. They really showed me you can capture the beauty in just about anything. Adding in the right effects, I almost made them look like paintings. They are my absolute favorites."


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