Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Happy Jar

I thought to add a wonderful little thing I thought that would be nice to add to The Happiness Project. like yesterday I said for week 2 I wanted to be crafty. So far it's going good.. I have crafted a little today too. I created a cute little pink flower. Which your will see in at the end of this post. I am hoping to add something everyday this week to my Happy Jar.. I added a few things to it to day.

  • A picture of Curtis and I
  • A picture of my Family
  • My favorite earrings
  • My mini ipod for music because it has all happy music for when I use it to go jog. 
  • And my favorite Finger nail Polish 
There are lots more that makes me happy but that is just a few I added today (: Do this I believe will help me to remember what all makes me happy and that I am very thankful for what I have in my life today.. Even if it's just small things. 

Family is one big thing that makes me happy and this Saturday I am doing family pictures of my family and of me. I am the one that came up with the idea.. It's a great thing we are all getting together and spending some time together, even though not all like their picture taken.. That we should remember the reason why we doing them. 
Sorry if I am just rambling.  Anywho here is the pictures! (: 

Carter didn't like when I let the camera take a picture of us on auto..
"Mama, Why is the camera making a strange, scary sound?"

What are some things that make you happy, or what are you thankful for in your life? 

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