Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Happiness Project & Crafting

Hey lovely Readers! 
I hope everyone is have a nice chilly week!! A lot has been going on and I have a busy weekend ahead of me!!!

First off: Week one of The Happiness Project didn't go over so well.. One I hurt my foot, which it is still hurting. I can't walk a lot and if I do it starts to hurt a lot! It sucks because it has been going on for a week now. And no its no broken which is good I guess... hmmm But I have been trying to not get too many sweets which is good right??

Anywho You saw on my last post that Melissa and I made super cute sugar skulls... Well today I finished my girl sugar skull and also made a Cupcake Hair bow! Which the Cupcake is my favorite.. I hoping to make a few more... and I am working on some other crafty things... ( I so wanna be crafty) So Thats what I am going to do...  So... Who wants to see pics!!!??? I do!

See aren't they super cute... (: Please let me know what yall think.. I am thinking of creating an etsy store which I wanna sale these, my photography, and jewelry that I will make and anything else I can think of... 

So Trashy Betty and I have getting ready for good old Christmas! Which I am getting excited about. This year for Christmas I am doing Cheetah Print and Red for my Christmas Decor Colors. Which I think its fun and Classy... And of Course lots of Glitter!! You can't have Christmas without it! -LOL

hmmm thats about it!! Busy Busy Oh yea let me not forget about I am doing Family Pictures with my Fam. Sat... this should be_______________! hahaha

Week 2- The Happiness Project:
Be Crafty and Crafty all week!!!

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