Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Happiness Project: Week One!!

Trashy Betty and I are doing our own little twist to the Happiness project that The life of a Cupcake! is doing... It really got me thinking and I think it be perfect because one Winter is coming... We all get a little depressed when the cold months are here.. I know I do! So why not do little things to promote happiness and write about it in our blogs?! We are doing it for the Month of NOV and DEC. 8 weeks total. 

Each week we will have a different challenge from it be taking pictures or dancing around to a new song every day! We welcome anyone to join our little project and share your thoughts and ideas!!! And we like to thanks The life of a Cupcake! inspiring us to create our own little Happiness Project! 

Happiness Project/ Week One: 
(Wednesday Nov. 2nd - Wednesday Nov. 9th.)
*The Workout to Happiness! 
Being happy is important in mind, spirit, and in body. Melissa and I have chosen to make a lifestyle change today and begin to make out bodies happy! We will be dedicating 1.5 hr.'s every weekday solely to cardio and personal training. Along with this, we have also made promises to each other to make healthier food choices. 

* This by no means constitutes that we are not happy with our bodies, because all body sizes and shapes are beautiful. 

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