Friday, May 20, 2011

$3 Ray Bans and Bubble Gum Pink!

Hey everyone!
Today was a great day!!! Went to the mall and spend the day with my muffin till he had to go to work. I also went to Utral and got some cute bubble gum lipstick and a new eye liner <--- Which I so needed a new one. But today I brought my 1st ever lipstick!! I have never worn or bought it. The lady had to show me how to put it on!!! I know crazy! I also got some $3 Ray bans style sunglasses from Hot Topic, they are super cute!!! Then later I went to my cuz, Ryan's to swim (: Anyways who ready for pics???


( sorry It they bad pics I took with cell after I got them )
I'll be back tomorrow! We are going to ride tomorrow sometime (:

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  1. okay your blog is kind of adorable. I love your list of things you want to do before you turn 23, what a great idea!

    new follower!

    Adventures of Newlyweds


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