Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super Busy Week

 Hey guys! I have not forgotten about y'all ! I have been very busy with family things and with my brother being down this week. I have had a great week and weekend though there was some ups and downs. The ups were out weigh the downs. Well I did take lots of photos, though I didn't get any family photos liked I wanted. ): I did get some.

Also Yesterday Curtis and I went to the Jazz Club last night which it was amazing good fun! Deb, Curtis sister met up with us too. Well I am off.. I just wanted to pop in and say hey and I am still alive (: Also I got my did Friday!!! Which I love it!! I got it cut and colored at Blondies which Miss Casey is the mastermind behind it (:

Ps I looking for Guest posters. Email me if you are wanting to join it (:


  1. "Cupcakes, Sweet Tea, Music, Art, Photography and Random Things" Instant follow! hahaha

    I just wanted to say hi and that I am very glad I came across your blog! Love your photos. Also, anyone who loves sweet tea as much as I do is golden in my book.

    -Colby Kern

  2. @Colby I love sweet tea too! But I haven't had it in over a month! Curtis and I are on a low Carb diet. Which really sucks. and thank you for stopping by and follow!

    @Alycia, thank you for stopping by and the lovely comment! (:

  3. Hey pretty lady! Looking forward to reading more from ya! Wanting to let you know...went to grab your button but the link doesn't match the button photo

  4. I am working on creating a new button, this one is from my older blog. does the link take you to this one or to the other one?

    and thank you for letting me know.


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