Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night!

Hey y'all,
It has been an ok Friday, I haven't done anything wonderful today  but I did go for a jog with Miss Chelsea, my Aussie Shep. Which she loves to run and a great partner that will never say, "I don't feel like it today"... hahaha anyways. I made yummy egg-less cupcakes, I had a box of devils food cake mix but no eggs.... So I decided who needs eggs lets try without them. Which they turned out to be very moist and yummy, they just didn't rise as much as they would have if I added the eggs.  Today was the 1st day in month since I have baked anything and I was kinda guity because Curtis and I haven't had any bakes goods in a long time since we have been on a low-carb diet. Which I have lost a good bit of weight my clothes are much looser! (: I say at least 10 lbs. Which Curtis has lost over 20 lbs. Yay!

Well Tomorrow I am doing a Lady Gaga/80's theme photo shoot. Which I have 3 models and a make-up artist. We are all very excited and as soon as I can I will post a sneak peek. So I have on looking for inspiration and trying to get a look together... I have a vision all up in my head just trying to get it together. here are some lovelies (:

Gaga Herself (: 

Lady Gaga is so crazy and colorful and we are all so excited to get started on the shoot, and I have a feeling its going to be an all afternoon thing!

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  1. I love making cupcakes!!! Or really anything sweet and fattening! :o)

    The GaGa photoshoot sounds like it'll be fun! Can't wait to see pictures of how it turns out!


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