Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday!

Hey Guys, sorry I posting this later today. I have been wanting to post it earlier this morning. I just didn't get the chance. But anyways here it is. My 1st Music Monday's post! I am very excited posting this song, I am just love it. It has an old soul sound to her voice and to the song. She is such a lovely girl, she not to skinny nor big. When I 1st hear this song I was in the car and I just fell in love! Its amazing!!  I am wanting to get her CD! Now I am sure yall are wondering who I am talking about.

So Please Welcome Adele, singing Rolling in Deep (:

Let me know what Yall think. And if you like to join in on the Music fun comment to leave your link of a song or to a post that you did (:

I hope yall enjoyed the song!
This week is going to be very busy for me, my brother coming down from Maine and I am picking him up tomorrow from the bus station. I am excited because I haven't seen him in 2 years! So say a little prayer for him to arrive safely.
Have a great Monday and Week!!


  1. Adele has an amazing voice you're right! I work in a music store and we sold so so so many of her albums for Mothers Day! I like this new feature of yours x

  2. I do something similar to your Music Monday's except it is Hippity Hop to the beat Wednesdays =) I looove Adele her voice is sooo awesome and unique I'm really digging this song!!!!


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