Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Great Things! 

1. Jehovah God 
2. My family and Curtis' Family
3. My Love and soul mate, Curtis
4. Our doggies
5. Cupcakes! 
6. A True Southern Girl! 
7. My Bestie, Miss Kayla!

Seven Things you Lack and Covet 

1. being quiet as in talking way too much 
2. having a smaller butt and hips 
3. My long hair 
4. not wasting time
5. moo-la 
6. being able to make pretty paintings 
7. long nails 

Seven Things That make you Angry 

1. Full of themselves people
2. People that think that they are fat but really aren't 
3. Picking up Curtis shocks and work pants from the living room. (haha) ;) 
4. How the world is becoming even more crazy! 
5. Littering 
6. Animal abuse 
7. Teen moms 

Seven Things you Neglect to do 

1. Not to get upset over little things. 
2. reply to emails 
3. Keeping Clothes Put up and washed 
4. Eating Healthy 
5. Updating my Blog
6. Finish a book 
7. Jogging more. 

Seven Things you Love to have. 

1. Lots of Jessica Simpson heels
2. Coach Purse 
3. Cruise Tickets 
4. My own Nikon DSLR  (: 
5. Hot Pink Bobber 
6. Blackberry Torch 
7. True Blood DVDs (:  

Seven Guilty Pleasures 

1. Chocolate 
2. Wine
3. Love making 
4. Shopping
5. Bubble baths 
6. Music
7. Cupcakes 

Seven things you love about love 

1. Making plans 
2. Taking silly photos
3. Love notes 
4. the little things 
5. His Smile 
6. Our date nights
7. Always having each other! 

I got this Over at Nora's Blog!

Ps. Hope yall are liking the New blog! Sorry have not done my launching date post, have been at the lake for the past 2 days! Look out for new photos! (:


  1. Oooh I love this!! I'm going to have to steal it.. :)
    Jessica Simpson shoes are my favorite! They are always so cute!
    And I'm jealous you've been at the lake for 2 days! *sigh* It's ALMOST warm enough for me to think about putting a swim suit on :)

  2. I love Jessica too! They are my favorite. It really warm here, just the water not warm enough for me even though I still got in the water!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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