Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crazy Weekend and Mother's Day.

Hey everybody! How was everyones weekend and their Mother's Day? Mine was good; just a little busy. I think I did something everyday. I just wished my Mama was her for Mothers Day. Well I am wanting to share what I did this weekend with yall! So here it is broken down; photos include :) 

I got my taxes back Friday and well I wanted to go shopping for a summer outfit. So Ingrid and I went to the mall here in Anderson. We had so much fun trying on goofy things and trying on cute clothes that we wished we could have gotten. But I did buy a summer outfit. A super cute summer dress and some Jessica Simpson heels, that of course they were both on sale!! I love my little outfit. I am have worn my outfit but I didnt get 
great photos of it. So I am going to do a post on it later (: 

This day I did Miss Caitlin Prom mini photo shoot, which was a lot of fun! Sh is so beautiful and I am excited to start editing them. Which I just finished one photo.  Here take a look (: 

Also on Saturday Curtis and I met up with Adam and his Gf Casey in Easley and rode to Greenville. Harley Davidson was having a car and bike show. The shop is really cool and big. That was the first time I went to the Greenville shop. I hope to ride somewhere else soon. I am wanting to go the mountains or to Helen GA. Anyways here some more photos (:  I am wearing my new dress and heels... I just had to wear shorts so I could ride the bike :) 

Today was a little sad and lonely day. I am missing my mother. For the ones that don't know she moved to Maine 2 1/2 years ago. Since today was Mother's day and all kinda upset me a little because I get on facebook and see all the mothers and daughters posting photos and talking about their day. It just sadden me because I didn't have that today. I know I have my grandmothers and aunts, they aren't my mother. So it just wasn't the same. So today I picked honey suckles in honor of my Mother. We used to picked them and eat them together when I was child.  I hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day!! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading, I am hope I didn't bore anyone with my long post! XOXO

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