Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Mondays! --Rihanna

Hey Y'all today Music Monday is all about Rihanna! Now I am really just loving her style but I have always loved her voice! She is so daring and just out there! Not like Lady Gaga but more girly.

I am posting two videos one of a song and one of a her new Perfume. (:

♥ I love the feathers in the video and her hair. I am working on going on that red. The soft pink and red go so good together! Just love it! ♥

Now I haven't heard of this song till I started looking for a song to share. Now if you are 12 I wouldn't watch this video, but its so sexy and just dirty. not like the S&M video which I am not a fan of because its just not for me. But this has a sexy, wow feel to it. and I love the Castle as the back drop of the video!

So what is your fave Rihanna video or song?
Mine is Only girl in the World. But I didn't want to share that one because many have seen or heard that one and I wanted to share on that has a different style to it.

I hope y'all enjoyed this weeks Music Monday!

"The two things I've always loved have been music and fashion and I want to push into new directions with both of them... I want to be bold, daring, fearless. I'm not afraid to be adventurous."-Rihanna


  1. I've liked Rihanna since I heard her first in college, like in 2005. I know it's an older one, but her song with Jay-Z, Umbrella is my fav. And I love Shut Up And Drive from the same album. She's good!!

  2. SOS and umbrella were the 1st I heard of her too
    thanks for stopping by!


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