Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Photography Page

[ Model: Brandy Duncan] 

Hey guys! I have started my online photography portfolio and I would like to share it with you all (: But while I was creating this page I was trying to come up with a name... I wanted it to be very simple and straight to the point. So I decide to call it courtneyRphotography and I am very excited to be sharing my work with the world.

I have been so effie about posting my work and sharing it because of some do try and take peoples work and call it their own. And well I am a little worried about that. But I decided to give it a try! I really want people to see what I can really do. I haven't posted many photographs yet just a few.

I hope Y'all can go see and "like" the page. It is on Facebook so you might have to have one to do so.
Its very exciting!! I am working on so new things photography wise and I am very excited!!! I won't just yet say what I am working on, but it going to great!

 Ps. Still looking for guest bloggers! Working A guest blogger post guideline and such! (:
Email at if you like to do a post!

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